CayMAN Islands

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CayMAN Islands

Quick update from the CayMAN! (I keep spelling it that way because all the locals emphasize the A in man instead of pronouncing it like Americans where it sounds more like CaymEn and it sounds way cooler the way they say it!)

Yesterday was my first full day and it was amazing!! I don’t have enough time to post about it now, but my day involved swimming with dolphins!!!! If you know me very well you know that I LOOOVE dolphins and have since I was about 7. Needless to say, the day was SO great! Post and pics to come on that!

I wanted to post a quick volley update!

Traci and I got to the site at 7:50 today (first team there) ready to play our 9 AM match against St. Lucia. We really knew nothing about them so we got there early to get warm and get prepared. And, it was our first tournament of the season and Traci’s first international tournament so we wanted to get any jitters either of us might have out in warm ups :) It was a super fun first match. We came out strong in the first game and won something like 21-8. The second game we kind of lost focus at the beginning but finished out strong at 21-10.

Our second match was against Mexico 1. This tournament their number 1 team is a smaller ,scrappier team. We knew it would be a battle and it was. We lost the first game because we started out pretty slow (14-21). But, we came out much stronger in the second and won 21-14. At the beginning of the third game we were down 2-6 but rallied back and took the lead at 8-7. It was back and forth for awhile but we switched up at 13-12. From that point on it was a serious battle. We fought off a bunch of match points, had a few match points of our own, but ended up losing 26-24. Remember, third games are only supposed to be played to 15!!! It was definitely the longest beach volleyball match I have ever played. We had a pretty good crowd watching by the end and it was a great match, but definitely a bummer to lose after fighting for so long!

But, we had to turn it around and play our third match of the day against St. Maarten. Again, we knew nothing about them so we just went into it ready to serve tough and play whatever came at us! We actually served really well that match, so well that I served 18 straight points to make the first game 18-0. Unfortunately, I missed my serve to make it 18-1 and then we ended up winning that first game 21-2. Pretty crazy chain of events in those back to back matches, haha. We won the next game to finish the match and finish the day… or so we thought.

Sinjin Smith (a beach volleyball legend and representative at this NORCECA tournament) came over and asked Traci and me, “So, do you want to play now or later?” So we both answered, “Um, later… like tomorrow, right???” Oh no, we had one more to go! Since we were already warm, we figured right away was the best answer. So, off we went to the next court for what actually was our last match of the day.

We played Jamaica and decided again that our strategy would be to serve tough and be ready for anything. It paid off and we won 21-10(ish) and 21-8(ish)

So, overall a pretty good, pretty fun day for us! Avery and Stevo (the USA mens team) went 1-1 today beating St. Lucia and losing to Canada in 3. Their match against Canada was also a tough 3 game battle. And, Heather and Jen ended up only playing one match today and they beat Antigua!

Good day for USA Beach Volleyball!

I’ll keep posting stuff as much as I can!

  1. Mike03-24-12

    Congrats on the great play!

    What sort of draw does this tournament have that you play four matches in the first day and others have only one (Heather & Jen) or two (USA Mens)?

  2. Courtney03-24-12

    Congrats on a great start! Keep it up!

  3. Michelle03-28-12

    We kind of had some bad luck in the drawing process of the tournament. It was a double elimination tournament, and we had to draw to get our spot. We could have drawn anywhere from 12-18 and we drew 15. Being in spots 15-18 basically meant that we had to play an extra match in the morning almost like a play in because the bracket is funky with 18 teams. So, we played that first match which only 4 teams had to play, then we played our next match which could have been our only match of the day if we had won. We didn’t and we knew we’d have one more match that day but were surprised that we had 2 more. Basically, we had that extra match in the morning that put us in the position to be playing more! And, the mens side of the bracket was pool play into play offs. So they had 2 pool matches on day 1, 1 pool match on day 2, and if they finished first or second made it into play offs.