And, We’re Off!

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And, We’re Off!

Volleyball season is finally here again!!! I get to start playing in tournaments instead of just training again!! Don’t get me wrong, I know I am very lucky when it comes to having to head to “the office”. However, any athlete will tell you that after a long preseason of just practicing, it’s a breath of fresh air to compete!

So, where and when am I playing my first tournament of the year you might ask??? Traci and I are headed to the Cayman Islands this Wednesday! We are playing in the first NORCECA event of the year (NORCECA is short for North and Central America and the Carribbean). It is an international tournament obviously and we will get to represent the USA along with the other female team of Heather Hughes and Jenn Snyder. The mens team going is Avery Drost and Stevo VanderWerp. It should be a pretty fun time!

I leave Wednesday morning and arrive Wednesday night. Thursday will be a day to prepare and get in a practice at the playing site. Also, Thursday morning Traci and I will be doing a radio show in the morning which should be really fun! Then competition is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I should be able to update my blog with short updates on how we’re doing, but in case I’m not able to update this page follow me on twitter (@michmoriarty) or on my fan page on Facebook because I’ll definitely be able to update those!

Updates to come… can’t wait to post some pics!!!

  1. Courtney03-20-12

    Woohoo! Good luck!