70 and Sunny

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70 and Sunny

Yes, this whole week has been absolutely amazing weather! It was a really great week to start my training!

Traci and I had our first “preseason” practice on Tuesday with Jeff Conover. It was awesome! The weather was beautiful, we were on an amazing beach (Corona del Mar) and we had a really good first work out. I pretty much felt like I was going to die after :)

Wednesday was a tad bit more interesting… We had pretty nice weather for training again, which was great. We had a good group of girls, and then the crazy homeless man came by…

At first, he was completely harmless. He came over and told us how he went 22-0 at Santa Monica high school as the quarterback and how he had the biggest NFL contract of anyone above 40 years old (he apparently plays for the Chargers). Anyway, we talked to him and he was nice enough and then we were ready to play. So, we let him know nicely that we needed to train and needed him to put down our volleyballs. He left pretty easily and came back once but didn’t really say much. Then, towards the end of practice, he came over and was basically on our court with us. Telling us the same stuff again, no big deal. Untiiiil….. he started picking up our balls and hitting them like away from us kind of. So, we asked him to please stop and to leave our court (he was gettin’ a little rowdy). He, of course, did not listen and each of the 5 of us asked him 3 or 4 times to go away. One of the girls ended walking over to him and a little more forcefully telling him to go away instead of just asking nicely. That did not go over so well. Nothing terrible happened, but the crazy homeless man started yelling at our friend and calling her terrible names. She then told him if he didn’t leave she was calling the cops. He said yeah right, and she called the cops! They came to the court about 4 or 5 mins later and stopped him and had him in custody for a bit. I don’t think anything happened to him, but hopefully it scared him enough not to mess with people. (Oh and sidenote- there were two different groups of 4 to 5 guys around and they all just stood there and watched… THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!)

Soooo, that was an interesting morning to say the least! :) Thursday was back to volleyball as usual with a session of 4′s in the morning. We were missing a lot of the “originals” of the group, but did have a great group! I got to play on Elaine Young’s team (Olympian) as well as Angie Akers who is amazing, Tyra Turner and Nicole Branagh who are all representatives of the USA! Pretty awesome! I had another great session with Traci and Jeff that afternoon, and had a fun night of coaching down in San Diego!

Great first week of vball! Pray that the weather stays this nice! Unfortunately, I heard next week is supposed to be rainy, boo. (And yes, because everybody in SoCal brags about the great weather, I expect nothing less than 70 and sunny every day. Snobby, I know :) )

  1. Courtney01-14-12

    Very cool picture with the plane above!! And scary homeless man- yikes!!!