Decision Points

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Decision Points

Ok, here it is, the first of what will probably be many blog posts about the wedding :) (hopefully the girls will enjoy reading this and it won’t bore the guys that read my blog too much!)

The wedding won’t be for over a year but I figure it’s better to get started on the planning earlier than later. And, knowing myself, it will take me a long time to make a lot of the decisions, so if I start thinking about these decisions now, maybe I will actually have made some in a year!

Decision Point 1- What city to have the wedding in? I definitely wouldn’t mind having a beach wedding by any means (and I know Scott is in for a beach wedding, too!)… not a bad back drop :) And, I actually thought for a little while it would be fun to do a destination wedding, on a beach somewhere, of course. (Destination is out because too many family/friends I love wouldn’t be able to make it.) However, I am from Texas and would love to have my wedding there to throw in a little Texas vibe. I’m thinking Austin just because I grew really attached to Austin while I was going to school there. Plus, I’ve had tons of people tell me that they would love an excuse to take a trip to Austin! That definitely helped me feel good about the Austin idea. I have not set anything in stone, but it looks like the wedding will probably be there, surprise! There are lots of reasons but I definitely want to be able to enjoy doing fun wedding planning things with my mom and sisters and it would be almost impossible if I had it anywhere besides Houston/Austin area. And not that I wouldn’t love to do planning stuff with Scott out in CA , but there’s a lot of stuff that he and I don’t know and a lot of stuff that let’s be honest, boys just really don’t care about when it comes to weddings! Wedding colors, the center pieces, etc. That’s not a jab at Scott at all, I don’t even blame him (or any other guy) but I do care about those things and I know my sisters and mom can help with that!

Decision Point 2- The Dress- I have started to look at dress styles also which is SUPER exciting! I’m not going to go into much detail about that on the blog though because I want that to be more of a surprise!

Decision Point 3- Inside wedding/reception as opposed to outside. This will obviously have a lot to do with when we actually get married. If it’s too cold out, it might be hard, even with heaters, to have an outside wedding. That leads me to Decision Point 4- When to have the wedding? Any months between March and the end of September are for sure out because Scott has a lot of work and no real life during those months (ohhh baseball :) ).October would probably be a really nice month in Austin, however, technically if the Padres make it to play offs Scott could still have to work in October, boo :( So, it’s kind of looking like November might have to be the month. I’ll have to have my sister Kiki keep an eye on the weather for me in Austin this November to see how chilly it actually gets. I’d love to do the outdoor thing, but there’s no point if everyone will be freezing!

Let’s see… other Decision Points that are already taking up a lot of my thoughts during the day…

5- Wedding colors – I like a lot of different colors, soo it’s hard to just choose a few. Plus, some colors I like might not fit with the season, ugh :(

6- The Venue- This is obviously hard to decide on until I’m actually able to go see a few in person! But, there are a ton I’m interested in going to see when I take my next trip home!

7 Football Games – Yes, football games on the day of my wedding really can make a difference. I’m from Texas and if we do end up having the wedding in Texas, it will matter. Mostly, it will matter because I don’t want people to have to fight football traffic to get to the wedding/reception. So, I have to figure out if it matters enough to actually pick a different weekend or if it can be worked around.

That’s all I’ve got for now, just thought I’d share some wedding news!! I’m already super excited!!

  1. Courtney08-09-11

    You have made lots of great progress! Yay! Fun decisions ahead!! :)

  2. Ginny08-12-11

    You guys are so cute! Congrats again!