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Woohoo! We won tonight so we are in the semi finals! They start next Friday or Saturday :) We will be playing against Menorca.

Quick note about the match because I have to get some sleep :)

We won in 4 tonight. Game 1 was close the whole way and we were down at the end but made a great come back! Game 2 was just pretty ugly on our part, but we regrouped and had an awesome game 3. We were up by about 6 at one point and then had a little scare toward the end of the game (Haro went on about a 5 point run), but we pulled that one out. And, game 4 was close the entire way.

Tonight was the first night in at least six years that Burgos has beaten Haro at their own gym!!! Pretty awesome feeling!!!

Vamos UBU :)

  1. Courtney04-06-11

    Woohoo!!! Congrats!!!

  2. Michelle04-08-11


  3. Momm04-14-11

    Wow!! Pretty cool that y’all beat Haro at their gym!! Congrats on a six year record breaker!!!

    Suerte in el choque vs Menorca!!