Palma de Mallorca

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Palma de Mallorca

I just got back from one of the more beautiful places I’ve ever been!! Palma de Mallorca! Mallorca is pretty much directly east of Spain. Anyway, I got some beautiful pictures which I’ll definitely include in the post.

Thursday night before we left we had a birthday dinner for my coach, Jose. I think his actual birthday was in December but everyone was gone so we just had it the other night. It was kind of a little hole in the wall type restaurant but the food was amazing!! And it was fun to get to know my teammates a little better. Here are a few pics from that -

PS Every team dinner we’ve had has started at 9 pm!! They do everything so late here… I can definitely get used to our siestas though :)

We got on the bus early Friday morning for our 2 1/2 hour drive to Madrid. I slept most of the way because I was up late packing. Fortunately, I was awake enough to enjoy the sun for a little bit, which I hadn’t seen in about 2 weeks! Then we had our flight from Madrid to Mallorca. After a delay of about an hour and a half and 4 gate switches we finally took off. Once we landed we only had about a 5 minute drive to the hotel, then we were actually free to do what we wanted until dinner… which was at 8:45! So, me and a couple of my teammates went into the downtown area of Palma. It was really cool! It kind of reminded me of Nice mixed with little Italian beach cities. Anway, there were tons of shops, restaurants, and there’s a beautiful cathedral there! We went straight to the cathedral and took some pics, then walked around for a bit just looking. Everyone was pretty hungry so we decided to grab a little snack while we waited for dinner. At this point I’m thinking, awesome, I’m going to get some really great Spanish food because I’m with my teammates who will know some yummy, typical Spanish food to order. WRONG!!! We went to McDonald’s haha. Oh well, I got some fries to hold myself over until our buffet later.

We had dinner that night at the hotel with the whole team, and then just went to bed after. The next morning we had another great breakfast, watched some film, had a really short pass and serve and then had a bunch of time to kill. We had to rest in our rooms for about an hour and a half after lunch, then we had a few hours to just hang out or take a walk. Our match wasn’t scheduled until 8:15!! I ended up falling asleep, because that’s what you do here in Spain from 3-5ish :) And, ended up sleeping longer than I wanted to so I didn’t get to take a walk on the pretty path along the beachy area. I did sit on my balcony and enjoy the sun for awhile though!

Anyway, we had a snack before leaving for the game and then got there to catch the end of the men’s match before ours. It was pretty fun to see the guys play because I really haven’t gotten to see much men’s volleyball in my life. And the game was on tv which is why ours was scheduled for so late. It ended up going to 5 games, of course, so we didn’t even start our match until about 8:45 I would guess. We didn’t play as well as we played last weekend, but we won in 3 and to me there was never a doubt that we would win it and win it in 3. So that was good! It was also good to get another match under my belt as we get closer to the Queen’s Cup. Everybody in the volleyball community is pretty excited for it! It’s basically a league tournament and it’s down to the final 8 teams. It will be the last weekend in January and I think the matches will actually be live on the internet if anyone is interested! Momm, I know you are :)

Our match ended about 10:30 so even though I had a friend on the other team, by the team we got back to the hotel showered and ate, it was super late and we all ended up just going to bed. Today was a little bit of a long travel day but not too bad! Now I’m home in Burgos, ready to curl up in my bed (it’s pretty cold here!) and probably watch a movie!

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)

  1. Courtney01-17-11

    Gorgeous!!!! Let’s go back one day!!

  2. Your Mother01-17-11

    What great pics!! I love the cathedral, the scenic shots, and la pequenas!! haha All the girls look really nice!!

    p.s. That siesta time sounds great to me, too!!