Home Sweet Home!

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Home Sweet Home!

I’m in Houston for the first time in 2 months :) Yes, I know most of you are saying, “Oh you’ve only been gone for 2 months? That’s not very long!” But, it seems like it to me! Haha

Anyway, I got here yesterday at noon and have been busy ever since. I haven’t taken my pictures on my phone but I do have a couple. I will definitely take more and update again soon!

Yesterday, my Mom picked me up from the airport and Courtney and my new nephew Jay met us at my parents house! We hung out for awhile while I got some smiles from Jay! Then, we went to my sister Jennifer’s house and I got to see all 3 of her kids! I went to Josh’s soccer practice because I got a really sweet invite from him and even got to play in the parent vs. kids game at the end of their practice, haha. Then, Jake came over to my parents house and Jake, my parents, Courtney, Anthony and Jay and I all ate some yummy Ninfa’s (tex-mex)!!! We watched How to Train Your Dragon. And then, Jake and I had a slumber party :)

This morning my Dad and Jake got Shipley’s Do-nuts, yum! Kiki and Owen drove in from Austin and the whole fam, including Courtney and Jay went to watch Josh’s soccer game! They lost, but Josh did a great job and stopped a bunch of goals. He even had a header, too! Then the whole group got some Goode Co BBQ! We could smell it from across the parking lot and it was delicious! (If you haven’t noticed yet, a big part of my trips home is the yummy food I eat!)

Here are some pics!

Goode Co BBQ

Chopped Beef Sandwich and Baked Potato

Owen, me and Josh at Goode Co

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    welcome home : ) and happy new year